Tuesday, May 29, 2007

FireSnake Designs: Comments, & Feedback

You can leave comments and feedback in on this page.

Tell us what you think of our designs, shirts, website, blog, service, anything. We'd love to hear from you so that we may serve you better.


danny said...

I bought my first t-shirt from Firesnake last week, a black Legio XIII. It fits perfectly, and the cotton material is soft and good quality, not cheap. And obviously it's a cool design.

I wore it for a night out with my fiancee to go get pizza and beers, and literally I caught several people admiring it.

I will be purchasing more cool shirts from Firesnake Designs when they come out.


Anonymous said...

I wore my shirt from Firesnake last Friday, a black Legio XIII. It’s great. I’m kinda a big guy so most things drape on me but my Firesnake shirt has a good cut so I did not need to get a size too big.

The fabric is soft and the design has that cool vintage tee-shirt look I like.

I look forward to more designs!

-Ken Toley

Anonymous said...

I bought my black Legio XIII from Firesnake about a week ago. The shirt is awesome. It has a sweet design and is comfortable to wear.

Can't wait to see the other cool shirts by Firesnake.

Harry Vuong

Jaylene Widjaja said...

I bought my husband the Lion Crest t-shirt, he loved the vintage look and its 100% cotton and wrinkle free. I also got a onesie for my daughter to match with her daddy's t-shirt. Firesnake t-shirt is a must have item for the holidays.

Teleza said...

Good for people to know.